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While all bimetal thermostats in the world are designed based the protector type, Matsuo is establishing its unique position as a manufacturer of the control type thermostat.


1. Distinguished quality/genuine products

2. Constant development of state-of-the-art products

3. Help customers with high cost performance products and sales systems

4. Achieve goal as a distinguished thermostat marker, not no.1


Matsuo is company that has concentrated all its efforts solely in this business for the past 40 years. Recently, Matsuo has begun uniquely expanding their product coverage to include electronic thermostats and high temperature type thermostats.




Matsuo Thermostat TPS
(This is the brand name for Matsuo high performance control type thermostat)
Temperature Power Sensor(TPS), which is a main product, is the high performance control type thermostat equivalent to the performance of electronic thermostat.
A small differential, long life, compact seize and low price are ideal of this model, and there is no products to be substitute in the world.
2amp.series 5amp.series 3amp.series Liquid temperature control thermostat

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What is Temperature Power Sensor? (Answer is shown through animation)
Characteristics comparison with disk type thermostat(protector)
Technical information (Preset temperature tolerance, internal heat generation and life)


Matsuo Thermostat High Temperature Type Thermostat
(Fixed-temperature type bimetal thermostat for high temperature)

150°C~400°C is the operational range
for this thermostat.

A control type thermostat for high temperature is a unique product.
We hope you can develop new applications for this products
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112kbHigh Temperature Thermostat pdf.
High Temperature Type Thermostat H701
In ceramic case
55 x 12.5 x 10.5mm
This is a bimetal type thermostat which can control a high temperature of 400°C
Temperature control or protection at 250°C or higher, which is impossible by the disk type thermostat, can easily be done.


Matsuo Thermostat Disk type thermostat
(Fixed-temperature bimetal type protector thermostat)
The disk type thermostat is the ultimate protector, which can cut off a heavy current without fail at a low cost. We believe that there will be no substitute for this thermostat for the time being.
On the other hand, the differential is large in the case of the disk type, and the preset temperature will change if the operation is repeated frequently.
As a result, it cannot be used as a controller.
If you need a long life and a small differential for your controller application, please select our TPS thermostat.
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Disk type thermostat 03P type Disk type thermostat 03C type Disk type thermostat 23 type Disk type thermostat 05 type Disk type thermostat 15 type
Auto reset type Manual reset type
03E type 52 type 23E type 05E type 15 type
Phenol body
(up to 150°C)
Ceramic body
(up to 230°C)
Phenol body
(up to 150°C)
Phenol body
(up to 150°C)
Ceramic body
(up to 230°C)
12.1mmx16.2Ø 27.5mmx16.2Ø 16mmx16Ø 16mmx16Ø
Standard disk type thermostat with automatic reset function. 

Body thickness is 12.1mm.
Standard type with manual reset function.
It has a safety structure to prevent the contact from being reset unless a button is pressed when the temperature becomes as low as room temperature. 

* Flat terminal only.
*Operation type B is
not available.
Manual reset type. 

Sophisticated design for reset button section. 

Once the contact trips, it will not return to the original position unless a button is pressed manually.

*Operation type B is not available.
Mechanical configuration
Bimetal non-current-carrying type, single pole throw type, dust-proof type
Contact method
A : Turns OFF when the temperature goes up
B : Turns ON when the temperature goes up
Temperature setting range
0°C ~100°C
100°C ~150°C
160°C ~ 230°C
Temperature setting tolerance
± 3°C ~ ± 5°C
± 4°C ~ ± 6°C
± 6°C ~ ± 10°C
Condition of temperature measurement
When there is no load (single current), the temperature change speed shall be 1°C/1 minute
Insulation resistance
1,000M Ohm or higher by DC500V meg-ohm-meter
Insulation tolerance
AC1,500V 1 for minute or AC1,800V 1 for second
Contact resistance
30m Ohm or less
Overseas standard numbers and certification numbers.
(Products certified to UL, CSA, VDE, etc. have different model numbers. Please contact us for details.)
Thermal timer (bimetal type dearly relay)
The thermal timer is a delay relay which has a delay time of on delay/off delay.
It operates within a range of 10~200 seconds, and it has an M contact (make contact) and B contact ( break contact).
(On delay time: Delay time after the heater carries the current)
(Off delay time: Delay time after the current to the heater is cut off)
Because bimetal is the principle of operation, it will naturally be influenced by the temperature change in summer or winter. A bimetal for outside air temperature compensation is provided in order to minimize such influence.
Thermal timer
BF, BA, BH type etc.
54.5x32x26mm etc.

•Both delay time and off delay time setting can be made by one thermal timer.
•While auto reset is the standard, manual reset type can be made upon your request.
•Any voltage of AC and DC can be accommodated. (Max. 250V) 
•Contact capacity is available in 3A, 6A and 10A.
•Because of out side air compensation bimetal, operational time is the same for summer and winter.
•Anti vibration and anti shock characteristics are superior compared to other types of timers.
•Because all Matsuo thermal timers are housed in a dust free case, there is no contact error due to dust or other contaminants.
•The price is low compared to other type of timer.
•Because the B type has a sharp mechanism for repeated on/off, there is almost no noise observed.

·For the automatic operation of boilers, coolers, copy machines, freezers, etc.
·As a delay element of home appliances.
·For the cutting off and resetting of over current for the certain period of time.
·As an automatic control program timer for automated machinery and industrial machinery.
·As a cycle timer.
·Wattage controller (It controls the duty of current by changing the ON/OFF ratio of the current to the electric heater)