Wire-Spring type Gate Opening Indicator(GIWS Series)
Discription Model Specification Unit Remarks
  Sensor (Main unit) GIWS [A][B][C]-[D][E][F]   unit  
   [A]= Analog Indicator 0= none      
   [A]= Analog Indicator 1= 1 needle      
   [A]= Analog Indicator 2= 2 needles      
  [B]= A/D Converter 0= none      
  [B]= A/D Converter 1= 3 disits + Arrester      
  [B]= A/D Converter 2= 4 disits + Arrester      
  [C]= Synchro Transmitter 0= none      
  [C]= Synchro Transmitter 1= type 86 x 1unit      
  [C]= Synchro Transmitter 2= type 86 x 2units      
  [C]= Synchro Transmitter 3= type 86 x 3units      
  [C]= Synchro Transmitter 4= type 23TX x 2units      
  [D]= Potentio 0= none      
  [D]= Potentio 1= Potentio      
  [D]= Potentio 2= R/I unit + Arrester      
  [E]= Limit Switch 0= none      
  [E]= Limit Switch 1= 4 points      
  [E]= Limit Switch 2= 8 points      
  [E]= Limit Switch 3= 4 points + 8 points      
  [F]= Power Source 0= none      
  [F]= Power Source 1=100V    50/60Hz      
  [F]= Power Source 2=110V    60Hz      
  [F]= Power Source 3=200V    50/60Hz      
  [F]= Power Source 4=220V    60Hz      
  [F]= Power Source 5=DC24V      
  Other Option        
  Custom-order scale of indicator   onsite adjustment after the delivery    
  Special Color   except Munsel 7.5BG 6/1.5